Monday, 7 July 2008

Thanks Gigi for this award and also from Belinda.
As these two girls gave me this award and i am to pass it on too seven people i will send it onto 7 other people that i think are worthy of this award. So my pick are Helen J for being such a sweetie and having a great blog.

Lea I For having such a great blog with her two adorable kiddies and her amazing layouts

Jodi For all her funny and quirky ways and her love of her family and scrapbooking a very passionate girl.

Charm For all that she does she is one very busy girl with her funkstreet design and 123 challenge blog.She always does such amazing layouts and she is inspirational.And also such a sweet girl.

Janine Wow can this girl scrap she is one amazing scrapper i adore her style and her children are just adorable to.I have never met such lovely boys that are so well behaved.Also for her adorable little girl i can see why she gets such inspiration with such wonderful children.

Kathie This is another amazing and unique scrapper.I love the way Kathie Journals always so heart felt.And her layouts are so different and amazing too.

Lisa P And last but not least Lisa she is a very talented card maker and she has three adorable children.
So thanks again Belinda and Gigi for this award i'm stoked that you gave it to me.


janinek said...

Oh Kerry I am laughing so hard at the comment of my boys being so well behaved!!!!! Oh you seem to have only seen them when they are behaving! Should have seen them yesterday!!! Thanks for a great night Friday!! Oh and the tag...NOT!! LOL!!

kathie said...

Love your oh no! layout, lol. I know that face only too well...

I love reading your blog and all that you manage to cram into your weeks. I don't know how you do it! I live vicariously through your socialising, you know, lol.

Thanks for the award :D

Rachelle said...

Hi Kerry,
Someone sent me the link to your blog to see what you have done with the Rusty Pickle Popstar paper. I have to say - WOW!!! I totally love what you have done with it......well done!!!

Giovanna said...

You're welcome Dirty Waters. I'm still waiting on some photos from Carol so I think the "thanks" was a little premature pmsl!!!