Sunday, 26 April 2009

the scrap room very scary at the before shots

Before shot of my scrap space wasn't it disgraceful.
Before shot as well.
After a lot tidier and certainly looks better don't you think.
Thanks mister Rudd i bought the ikea shelf and desk so now my space looks a whole lot nicer.
And a layout share i have done this based on the prima sketch for April.Indiana at Tarkyn's birthday isn't she a cutie.I think i took the pic of the layout crooked so it looks like the pic is crooked but its not.That's what i get for chatting on the phone and taking the photo at the same time.


Jodi said...

OMG!! You have a WHOLE ROOM!!!!
And it looks no lovely!!! Didnt you have it in a mess!!! haha
Seeya soon!! Cant wait! Yay!

Belinda Venables said...

OH my - check out those before shots...pmsl! Love the after shots though. Looks great! xx

Janinek said...

Wow you must have been soooo very busy over the weekend to get that all sorted! Looks great as do the layouts you have posted. Love the engagement ring LO, the masking is definately your forte.

lindy said...

Wow what a difference a bit of new storage will do
love that ikea shop

Allie said...

I have just come into my room to tackle the same thing. I love it when it is tidy but sometimes things just get out of control! I want to do a lot of scrapping this weekend so you have inspired me to do a big cleanup too.

I love the Ikea shelving too - so practical :-)