Saturday, 16 May 2009

Mothers day and color combo 122#

Have you ever tried getting photos with a four year old.Well this was the best of many she is such a little I have never been able to get a nice picture with all three of my children together and of course the one that always acts bad is miss M.

Carly and i on her first mothers day.

And i needed to get this pic with Travis as next year he will be in England and married.He is not returning for three years at this stage very sad i think.

And the gift that miss M made me for mothers day i was not aloud to wear it to work in case i lost it lol.And thanks Carly and Travis for my scrap booking goodies they will come in handy.And to Colin and Mikayla for the dvds and pjs.

Color combo 122#
And last of all websters pages with a touch of prima pearls.


Charmane said...

Gorgeous photos and layouts Kerry! Been nice chatting with you after a long time :)

I've given you an award on my blog - make sure you pass it on ;)

Love Charmane

LEA said...

hi kerry, still popping by to see your gorgeous creations. ahhh pasta necklces-my favourite kind:)

Jodi said...

Adorable photos Kerry!!
I bet your sad about your son leaving us for a few years!!! hopefully you will still be in constant contact with him!!! And Married too!!!
Little M is is aborbale!!
I love all your layouts too!! great job!! Seeya soon take care