Sunday, 18 October 2009

Cute pics and a little bit of mixed media.

I went to my girlfriends daughters baby shower yesterday and bought these cupcakes home for Mikayla.She was so excited and couldn't wait to get her hands onto it.They were yummy too.

My friend Gigi said to me the other week why not try a bit of mixed media.Well last night i sat down and done some.This page was inspired by Kate Mason.I did a class with Kate the other month and it was using different bits and pieces on an album.I love the mod podge and mixed paints and also using serviettes.I was pretty happy with the end result different to my usual scrapping that's for sure.I added bits of muslin,torn book paper and also music paper
and masking tape.

Thanks Gi i might just have to try some other stuff too.
I will draw the rak this week on Friday so if you haven't had a guess come and guess which one is me in the post below.Have a great week.i know i will its my birthday tomorrow so i will certainly have a great week.Take care Love Kerry xx


bon said...

that page is STUNNING kerry.

cute pics, you will love the new lens.

Jodi said...

It looks great Kerry!!
So there is a name for those kinda pages then???? lol
Great photos of Miss M!! Shes growing up so much!!
Take care Josi XX

Kate said...

Love the photos, she is so beautiful!! and OMG I love your LO, looks fabulous!!!

phillipa said...

Beautiful LO Kerry and a big Happy Birthday for tomorrow xx

Lea said...

kerry it is just fantastic. i borrowed a book on mixed media from the local library and have been meaning to have a go at it and you have inspired me to give it a shot. you have done an amazing job, just love your profile pic too:)

Mod Podge Amy said...

Pretty little girl - and love the mixed media!! Isn't it so fun to just layer stuff???

Belinda Venables said...

Little Mikayla isn't so little anymore - she has grown up so fast!

Love the LO. You should do more of looks fabulous!!!

A BIG happy birthday from me for today. I hope you have a very special day and get all that you wish for.


Lea said...

happy birthday to you happy birthday to you happy birthday dear kerrryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy happy birthday to you! have a happy day kerry, hope it's filled with many favourite things and people you love!

lindy said...

Fabulous lo.Happy Birthday have a great day

Felicity said...

OH MY!!! love that LO!!! Just gorgeous!!
Hope your feeling okay with your son back in England now.
Love those piccie of Miss M too!!

Kylie said...

WOW kerry, love your work, your pages are so AMAZING, and the pics of your daughter are just stunning!

Janinek said...

This looks fabulous! I also love that second pic of Miss M!!

Ceci said...

Great attempt at mixed media...a fab collage effect Kerry! Belated Happy Birthday too. :)

Bree said...

Love your mixed media layout Kerry!! Mikayla sure looks as though she is enjoying that cupcake :) I think you are the girl at the front of the picture in your vintage layout!!
Hugs to you and hoping you are coping ok with your son going xx

Giovanna said...

I already said it, but I'll say it again.....LOVE THAT LAYOUT!!!
I want to see MORE :)

Sara said...

Such cute pics and loving that page.

Bec said...

You are a talented scrapbooker and have a fantastic blog.

Anonymous said...

you are very talented Kerry
hugs Marellex

Anonymous said...

i love your pages just gorge

Deb said...

Love that LO - it's gorgeous. Mikayla is just so cute - love the pics

Charmane said...

LOVE those photos Kerry.... and that page is amazing!!! Cant wait to catch up with you at christmas time :)

Love Charmane