Sunday, 7 February 2010

totally unheard of two boy layouts for the week

Lachlan looking very serious but cute.I have stitched between the squaresand around the picture too.

And another on.I know i really dont scrap boy layouts very often but i was really pleased with the way these two turned out.


Kate said...

They are both SO Gorgeous Kerry!!! you should try boy scrapping more often! Love them :)

Tracey said...

Gorgeous layouts Kerry. I hardly scrap any boy layouts either and I have more boys than girls to scrap! I blame the fact that my daughter is such a camera

lindy said...

very cute both of them Kerry...have a nice day

Janinek said...

cute LOs I really like the second one here. I hear you on the whole boy LO biz. I rarely do them anymore

Giovanna said...

See!! Wasn't so bad, was it? I do them all the time, so it must be easy!!! pmsl..
love the patchwork effect and all that stitching - just fab Kerry!

Jodi said...

And how cute are they!!


you should do boy layouts more often.. cause u rock them .. awesome babe..

by the way ...
this is my not talking to you..

ok.. NOT talking ... lol

still not talking to you..

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