Sunday, 21 March 2010

A disco Friday and the beach today.

In her new clothes ready to dance at the disco.

Friday night before the disco she was so excited to go to her first blue light disco at school.When we got there she wouldn't leave my side.It took her about 20 minutes to get off my leg then she danced all the time she was there.

It was like watching something out of the movies.Mikayla was running towards me from being in the water.I think she looked so cute she was oblivious to everything.

This pic was taken today also she was being a pain two minutes before this saying i only want you to take one picture.

And Mikayla also got her dance report from ballet this weekend it was really good.She is progressing well in her dancing but very shy with her singing but getting there.She had a really big smile on her face when we read her report card.
Tomorrow is parent interviews at school so i hope they are good too.She seems to be able to charm a great week everyone and don't forget Bons cyber crop Tuesday night.
Take care Kerry xx


lindy said...

cute photos kerry...M is growing up so fast

Bree said...

Kerry these are gorgeous photos :) I am so glad she let you take only one :)
Love all the beautiful layouts on your blog using all that yummy prima especially the one of youa nd Sandie and the one for the ccc challenge!!
Mikayla looks like she had fun on her Birthday, love the photos up the tree :)

Chantal said...

What beautiful photos!!! Just stunning! :)

Catie said...

Gorgeous photos Kerry!! Loving your banner too!

Kate said...

they are gorgeous photos Kerry, Brielle has that skirt too :)

Love the prima LO's in your last post too, stunning!!


just lost my post...:(

love mikaylas skirt .. very noice!! great taste..

love the pics u got of her

Janinek said...

Cute pics of the little miss. Why am I not surprised that she took a while to warm up to the disco!! LOL!

Ceci said...

All such beautiful photos Kerry...she is such a gorgeous girl. :)