Friday, 2 December 2011

The color room #87 and Lauren Rose

I also had a photo shoot with this beautiful baby Lauren Rose she is so cute.She is Mikayla's godmothers daughter,and is 9 weeks old now.
It was such a pretty pallet to use this week,Mikayla and i were in this years xmas pageant in Adelaide.Over three hundred thousand people lined the streets of Adelaide to watch it.What an amazing experience it was for Mikayla and i.


Heather Jacob said...

ooohh Kerry can you hear me squealing with delight ....I LOVE this page .. everything about it is awesome ... those colours are fabulous ... your take is perfect .. hugz x

Kerryn said...

oh I might've had you walk right past me then. We love the pageant :).

LOVE the page, it's gorgeous!

Jasmine S said...

Oh yes, the Xmas pageant. How was it. You said it was an experience, is that good experience or bad Did you make the distance??
Well I love the page and I think you both look gorgeous. And how good are you to have scrapped the pics already?
Gorgeous use of that wonderful palette.

Lizzyc said...

oh a real cutie!! and a wonderfully colorful layout!!