Tuesday, 24 August 2010

A long post and a lost tooth

Mikayla lost her first tooth she was so happy because the tooth fairy was going to come.She was so excited that she ran off into the bathroom to look at her lost tooth.That when she came bounding back into the family room it bounced out of her hand.We searched everywhere and could not find it i thought oh know what can we tell her.I had to tell her that the tooth fairy's already had been notified that she had lost the tooth and that they would come and find it and take it with them leaving some money behind.
Well that planned worked except this morning when she woke up she found her money in her glass beside her bed.She came out to show Colin and i and then went to go into the kitchen low and behold what do you think she found yes you guessed it her tooth.Some quick thinking by me and Colin had to also stick to the story that it must have slipped from the fairy's hand and that they would be back tonight to retrieve it,so i have put it back in the glass but there we be no more money just a tooth gone.

My friend Jodi at the retreat that we went to at Lake Keep it in NSW.Thanks so much Jodi for looking after us all and we all had a very productive weekend.It was lovely to catchup with Jules,Lindy and Pip.Can't wait till you girls come to Adelaide to do some scrapping here with me.
I also got to catchup with some of Jodis scrapping friends for brekkie on Monday morning so hi to them too.It is such a great hobby and i really did enjoy everyones company on the weekend.Now to catchup with everything.
I have used Grace Taylor papers on this layout they are so pretty you can get them at Big W.I also hand made the roses from the paper too.

I also done a few color room challenges that i missed while in England this one was palette 3

This is palette 2

And this one is palette 1 so very pretty.And don't forget to play this week with the palette room.


brissmith said...

I miss scrapping and I miss you guys!! Glad to hear you had a great time. I see you are going to be a Nanna again in November. Congratulations!! Susan

Julie said...

great pages kerry. looks like the retreat was fun.

Felicity said...

what a cute story for the toothfairy :)
Lake keepit.. I use to live there, right at the dam wall :) :) :)
How much fun x

Skye said...

Hope you had an awesome time at the retreat Kerry!
These pages are all absolutely stunning :) I LOVE the Grace Taylor papers one - so soft and feminine!

Jodi said...

Awesome layouts dear!!! Of course, i like to think i may have helped them be so awesome, with my doily stamp and all...... lol
I so enjoyed you being here and cant wait to go to Perth!! Ive told Stu, theres no turning back now!!!

phillipa said...

Can't believe the little Miss has lost a tooth!!!!
Gorgeous layouts and it was fantastic to catch up with you & Jodi! Had a fab time!! Get working on the Adelaide thing lady!! xx

lindy said...

Fantastic pages kerry ...Poor Miss M with a missing tooth know what thats like Lol!
love cathinh up you with and all the others girls had such a fun time ...love to scrap next year

Chantal said...

Gorge as always!!! I don't think I'll have time to play this week - I've got this Scrapbook Apprentice project to do this weekend then I'm off to Adelaide next week for 11 days! Can't wait!!! :D

Kate said...

wow Kerry, you have been busy!! LOL at the tooth fairy, that stuff happens here all the time! its amazing the stories you caome up with :) loving all your LOs as usual!!

Lea said...

glad the tooth fairy dilemma was sorted out with some quick thinking. we just had our own tooth fairy drama-our fairy got caught in the act. omg!!!nightmare! Thanks for answering my question about your heart layout. so pretty as are all your layouts kerry:)
have a great week, Leax