Thursday, 19 August 2010

She is so funny when you take pics

These were the first couple before i got a half decent one of Mikayla .I really dont know what she was pretending to be.A Kangaroo?a Rabbit/ i really dont know. And then this one little treasure.Dont forget that the color room challenge will be up for this week tomorrow i hope you can play .I am off to see some scrapping friends this weekend and i can't wait to catchup with them all.See you tomoorow girls.I am not to sure if i will egt to post my layout until i get back on Monday night.Have a great weekend everyone and dont forget if you a lurking pop in and say hi.Take care Love Kerry xx


Ness said...

gosh Miss M is such a cutie, they are great pics Kerry. Hope you have a great time this weekend. Take care. Love Ness xx

Melinda said...

hehehe...those photos are too cute!! Have a fantastic weekend!!

Felicity said...

haha.. she is soooo cute.
Gorgeous piccies but.
HAVE a great weekend. :) x

Gerry said...

Hi Kerry, she is sooooooo darn cute...You captured great moments! Hugs, Gerry

Janinek said...

Gorgeous pics, that last one of Miss M is just beautiful. You do have to laugh at her "sillyness" though, great scrap pages there.