Monday, 18 August 2008

A few pics to share and a couple of layouts

Well here is a pic of me, Carly and my mum.The fourth generation is only a couple of weeks away now.How exciting.

And of course the little miss M again.I sat and procrastinated for about an hour before i finally got started and finished this layout Friday night,except for the journal ling i done that today. And i learn't how to do flocking thanks Janine for the play flocking is fun or is it called frocking hahaha.It is great will have to do more of this.

And if you are wondering what these pics are about .We went on a trip to Drover"s run the other day here is drovers.It was fabulous the scenery was fantastic.I had a fab day too .

This is from the top of the hill at drovers run isn't it magical.

And of course i got to meet these two lovely girls one is Kelly from getaway and the other is Grace from Mcleods daughters they are both really sweet.

And here are the stars from Mcleods daughters aren't the guys just hunky lol. Shame they were not all there i guess meeting one was as good as it gets as the show is sadly finishing soon.Oh what am i going to do Wednesday nights now.Let me think scrapping lol.

And of course more pics of M.I don't know what she is doing here but she can't help herself lately pulling faces and doing all these silly poses

And sitting on a fence in the Barrossa Valley i love the scenery up there.


Jodi said...

Kerry!! How awesome is that place!!! I bet it was just breathtaking!
Love the 3 generations and Miss M. Shes so adorable!!!

Belinda Venables said...

We don't get McLeod's anymore - haven't for a long time now. I wouldn't know what's going on these days...:(
Sounds like a fun day - you're going to be a tv star! hehe

Great layouts too.


Charmane said...

Hey fellow DT Member ;)

How are ya???

And wow McLeods!!! My uncle used to do some work on the property {i think}

and Miss M as adorable as ever I see ;)

Love Ya

Lisa A said...

Hey Kerry,
It would have been an amazing experience to go to the McLeods Set,as well as every fan (like Myself)dream as well.
Its a shame they are stopping the series, I own every season of Mcleods on dvd now. looking forward to buying the last one

Leanne Stamatellos said...

Some beautiful photos Kerry - so picturesque and your daughter is as gorgeous as ever!

helenj said...

Hey beautiful girl!!!!!

Looks like you had a great time there with all the rich and

Love love your LOs very nice!!!!!!!