Sunday, 3 August 2008

Havent updated due to computer breakdown.

Boy am i lost without my computer i hope to get it back real soon.I have loads of layouts to put up.I hope to get it back this week no promises though.I have been trying to look at blogs from Colin's computer but as his is a work computer it makes it very hard.So hopefully by the end of this week i will have some more things to share.

Not long now until Carly gives birth five weeks.Then there will be another scrapping subject for sure.I have also got a new job same company working for toll just another divison something new to learn thats for sure.

I got a couple of lovely pics of Tarkyn and Mikayla the other week so more scrapping for me too do.Also some pics of the little miss yesterday they are really cute too.Will upload them when i can.Have a great week everyone.take car love Kerry xx


Anonymous said...

It's coming back to you real soon....I promise!! In fact it is finished today and you will have it back to play with again! Would have been sooner except the only chance Paul had to do it was 1and 2am each morning! Sometimes he chose sleep! LOL!! See you today, even though you wont get this message until tonight! LOL!

Lisa A said...

Hey Kerry,
I am like you when my computer is down, I am completely lost as well, looking forward to seeing your new layouts..

Jodi said...

MISS YOU!!! :(