Thursday, 28 August 2008

My first of many little boy layouts to come

Here is pa and Lachlan.

Mikayla looking pretty happy with herself.She loves giving him kisses
And of course so do i.

Mikayla's day care mum took this pic its just so natural.

This is my first layout of many to come i'm sure.I will have to take photos of Lachlan as Carly very rarely takes any pics of anyone or anything .This was a really cute pic of him he is so tiny and turned one week today.


Anonymous said...

Great LO of Lachlan! I bet you will be all baby boy inspired for a bit!

Jodi said...

oh how adorable!!!

LEA said...

awwww hello nanny kerry-what a beautiful job you did of your boy lo and what a precious boy he is too. Such a beautiful pic of Mikayla- the one taken by dcm. Have a great weekend!

Melissa Goodsell said...

oh he's lovely enough to eat all up! Such a beautiful layout too.